Dave C.  – 3/9/15

Thank you for a job well done. You came highly recommended and I will pay it forward and recommend you to anyone I know in need of your service. Thanks again!

Philip P.  – 1/7/15

If you are in need of a top notch criminal attorney, Mr. jones is yourguy. I was referred to him by a probate attorney friend of mine.  Fortunately for my relative and myself it was the right move. Mr. Jones was more than fair with his rates.  He is a great listener and communicator. He answered all my questions 24/7, never making me feel like he was doing me a “favor”.  All charges were dropped.  Hopefully I never have to use him again! If I needed to, I would in a heartbeat.  If you need any reference before using him ask him to give you my phone number. Philip P.  I can show you the invoices, I am not his family member, just a happy client who can now put this memory asleep thanks to Mr. Jones’ expertise.

Rose R. – 11/4/14

Tickets and more. Whenever I refer anyone to Michael Jones, they can’t stop raving about how quick and efficient he is as a criminal lawyer. It is all about customer service… this guy answers his phone, texts, and emails morning noon and night. He solves any and all of your criminal legal issues with ease. It is almost as if they never happened… thats how easy it is to work with him.  I personally know more than 6 people that have used his services and say he is a real life saver!!!

Frank A – 8/7/14

Michael, once again you exceeded my expectations by your excellent representation. You are high on my list of the best folks to do business with and highly recommend your service to friends and family.

Jason 33060 – 8/7/14

After reading the reviews on here i checked the Florida Bar website and found nothing at all against Michael Jones so I took the chance and went in for a free consultation. He was charismatic and sounded as if he had a good grasp of the law.  I came to Michael with a drug charge and because of my criminal history, I was looking at 2 years in the Florida State Prison.  By the time Michael was done I had no conviction and 6 months of probation.  Keep Michaels number 954-764-2060 in case you are ever in trouble.

dizzyleesy – 3/4/14

My lifesaver!  When I got arrested Saturday night, my husband contacted Mr. Jones, who helped him understand how to get me out early Sunday morning.  We had a Monday morning appointment with Mr. Jones, who assured me everything would be ok.  After a quick review of my police report Mr. Jones understood what had happened to me when I was arrested was wrong.  The police had found 2 pills in my car that actually belonged to my husband although they were not in his prescription bottle. Michael contacted the DA about what he called an “illegal search” and after a few weeks he had my case thrown out before it even went to court the first time!  I can’t thank him enough, he was always attentive to me and my husband when we called, he charged me a reasonable fee and I definitely consider it money well spent. I would and do highly recommend Mr. Jones to anyone that may need help!  He is my lifesaver!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU MR. JONES–YOU’RE THE BEST!

Robert M – 2/23/14

Mike did not just save a career, he saved my family!!!!  Mike, Where do I begin, but with THANK YOU!  These past three years of my life have been in much distress.  This case has drained me physically, mentally and emotionally. It did not just effect me personally, but it also effected my family.  Your continued efforts were unbelievable and truly remarkable. Not only did you keep me calm and collected, but you also kept my wife at ease, which truly means so much.  I truly believe that hardest and most difficult thing that i heard through out this whole case, was the potential that I could have been taken away from my children.  Just the thought of that alone, will make any father go crazy.  But, you did not allow that to happen.  Your continued efforts and persistence prevailed and you saved my life.  I am sure that you hear things like on a normal basis when you win a case for someone.  I can not begin to tell you what you have done for me.  You truly saved my life long dream, because of you, and your efforts, my life is still intact – ROBERT

Cine – 9/10/13

Best ticket remover!  Michael Jones always gets me out of my tickets!  He is the best.  I seem to get a ticket every year since I am always on the road due to my business.  Michael Jones’ office is really the best.  I just fax my ticket to him and within a few weeks I get a letter saying it is taken care of.

Delarno – 5/26/13

You can count on this Lawyer!  All I can say is thank you… my family thanked God, but you was the one who did it.  I was facing 8 years and you convinced the state attorney to drop the charges.  I am free and I have my life back because of you.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Lanie24 – 8/4/13

The Best Attorney in Fort Lauderdale Fl.   Michael Jones is the best attorney in Fort Lauderdale!!! A friend of our family gave me his number. I live in Palm Beach County and I told Ann I wanted the best and she gave me the best!!! Michael took the time meet with us, listened to us and said I will help you and your family.  This Attorney is a Gentle Man and cared very much about us and our situation. He knows I as sick and had such compassion and promised me that he would take care of our problem.  We went to court and he was simply awesome!!!  My family is eternally great ful to him for representing us today.  We all will recommend Michael to all our friends and family and to anyone in nee of a fantastic attorney.. Thank you Michael for everything you did for my family and I.  You are truly the best and we are so glad you came all the way up to the Palm Beach Courthouse to represent our family… I give Michael 5 STARS WASNT SURE THE RATE SCHEDULE HE IS MORE THAN VERY GOOD HE IS GREAT!!!!!!!! On behalf of my family thank you again. Sincerely,  Elaine

D. Bailey – 3/9/13

All I can say is Thank You… my family thanked God, but you was the one who did it.  I was facing 8 years and you convinced the state to drop the charges.  I am free and I have my life back because of you.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!

lizatejada – 11/14/11

One of the Best Attorney’s in Ft. Lauderdale. Michael Jones is one of “THE BEST” attorney’s in Fort Lauderdale, and let me give you just one example of why I think so….When all other attorney’s wouldn’t take my case, Michael did! I was having problems getting out of a lease when I was living in Oakland Park, due to my neighbor keying my car, filing a false CPA report against me….among other things; my old Slum Landlord, threatened to file a false eviction notice so that it would appear on my record whenever I attempted to rent an apartment in the future. Michael Jones called my Slum Landlord, and after just one phone call, the problem went away! I was able to break the lease with no problems!!! I have now moved and am able to provide a healthy environment for my children…..  Thank you Michael Jones!!!   You really are a savior!

 lisa pagano – 8/12/11

BEST ATTORNEY IN FT. LAUDERDALE. Michael Jones is the best Lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale. He is amazing. I refer all my friends to him for criminal cases to traffic tickets. I would never use any other lawyer.  Thank you Mike for all you do…….

Patrick A. – 10/3/10

So thankful for you!  For helping me with my traffic tickets case.  God Bless you and your staff – Patrick

wfuller – 09/08/10

The true meaning of 24 hour service!. When my son was arrested overnight on a Saturday during the holiday weekend I thought for sure I would be on my own until Tuesday morning. I noticed Attorney Jones says he is available 24 hours and he answered my call at 1:00AM on Sunday morning. He gave me all the answers I needed, walked me through the entire process for getting my son out of jail and thanks to him my baby didn’t have to spend any more time in jail than necessary. He made the entire court process smooth, and took care of all the details himself. Well to end a good story even better, in the end he wound up having my son’s criminal case completely thrown out. It was a great experience and I would recommend Michael Jones to anyone that asked. It’s hard to believe in this day and age, an attorney that really cares. Kudos Michael, Kudos!

Frank A. – 5/10/10

Michael – Once again you exceeded my expectations by your excellent representation.  You are high on my list of the best folks to do business with and highly recommend your services to friends and family – Frank

M.E. – 8/29/09

Just a note to let you know how appreciated i am of everything that the both of you have done for me! I only ask that you grant me the opportunity to work at getting myself back on track.

Louise K. – 7/8/09

Michael – I am in receipt of your letter dated July 5, 2000 and I am pleased. I just wish to express my thanks to you and my appreciation of the professional and always courteous treatment I received at your office with I spoke with Brian.  you and your office handled everything beautifully – Louise

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