Welcome to the Law Office of Michael E. Jones, P.A.

The Law Office of Michael E. Jones is a criminal defense and personal injury law firm that services clients throughout the State of Florida and has been conveniently located near the main jail and courthouse in Broward County for more than thirty-one years and has recently moved directly across the street from the Main Courthouse. At the Law Office of Michael E. Jones, we believe that going the extra mile truly makes a difference in each of our client’s cases. That is why Michael E. Jones does everything possible to provide each of his clients with the aggressive representation they need to successfully fight their criminal charges. We are well aware of the fact that there are often two stories. The police have their version and is often very different than what actually happened. Our job is to convince prosecutors of your innocence and to find issues with the legality of your arrest. Clients are always kept informed as their cases progress and receive continual legal counsel and guidance. We realize that your case is of paramount importance to you and that all things are relative to the person charged with a crime. All of our cases are given individual attention and whether you are charged with a traffic citation or drug trafficking, you will get the kind of service you deserve. The Law Office of Michael E. Jones also believes that the only thing standing between a defendant and the criminal justice system is his or her lawyer. Clients who are facing legal penalties, such as jail time, need an experienced criminal defense lawyer on their side. Without representation from a knowledgeable attorney, people are left helpless in any court of law and often left taken advantage of by the State. At the Law Office of Michael E. Jones, we understand the consequences our Florida clients are facing if they are convicted. That is why we strive to protect our clients from the onset of their criminal charges by keeping them aware of their legal options and individual rights. If an attorney is retained early in the criminal process, he or she may be able to review the case with the case filing division at the State and try to persuade them against filing formal charges. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Michael E. Jones today.

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